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The Concept

Vision is more than a fitness program, it's a lifestyle.

Join our program today and you will see results in no time.

We don't believe in extreme diets, we believe in moderation.

We don't believe in 'train no matter what', we believe in enjoying each session.

We promote a healthy and active lifestyle, with delicious foods combined with fun training sessions!

The idea for Vision came to me one day, when someone wrote me on Instagram and asked if she can lose 16kg in only a couple months. Which would not be impossible to achieve through a huge calorie deficit, but with great risk. It would mean constantly losing 2 kg / week, for 8 straight weeks. A deficit of 18.000 kcal per week. Roughly a deficit of 2600 kcal / day.

The purpose of the Vision concept is indeed to help you become your Vision, but not with the risk of injuries or health problems. We will always be honest with you (even if you might not like it at the beginning!). 

We promote a healthy lifestyle, not a good body by any means necessary. 

We trust you and you have to trust us: we will reach your Vision together, no matter how much time we have to spend for it. 

What we offer:

We offer personal plans based on your needs:

 - NutriVision

 - TrainVision

 - Full Vision

Vision is more than nutrition and training.

You have the possibility to reinvent yourself, through Transform Yourself.

With Transform Yourself, we offer hair and make-up advice from our beauty professionals.

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